Collaborating with leading players in different market sectors to create robust software solutions that enable our customers to be more efficient and profitable.

Do you ever look at your company’s performance and feel that you could and should be doing better?

Some of our customers felt that the returns they were getting from their business were simply not good enough.

We decided to work with them to find a solution to the challenges of the industry, and built a bespoke piece of software for electrical contractors called Contrax.

Many of these customers have found that they are now dramatically more profitable, have increased their cashflow, and have far more time on their hands, and less stress in their lives.

If you feel that your bottom-line could do with a boost, and you’d like a little more time to work on your handicap, rather than your overdraft – take a look at – Contrax – Building a Better Business.

Reduce QS Disputes

With photographic evidence and worksheets for the entire job available a mouse click away, your Q.S. will no longer be able to dispute any work you’ve completed


Using worksheets on the cloud means your engineers can’t leave them in their van. You don’t have to assemble them all together to get paid and copies are freely available whenever you need them

Site Documentation

Store your Method Statements and Risk Assessments in the cloud and let your engineers read and sign them remotely from their iPads

Over Installation

Your contract status is now live!! All engineers know the exact quantities installed on the project. As soon as the worksheet is completed the status of the project is updated, keeping the data live at all times

Engineer Hours

Taking advantage of GPRS mapping technology, Engineers location is logged when clocking on and off, with alerts if outside a specified distance.

Toolbox Talks

Contrax allows you to administer Toolbox Talks to engineers in the field, with signed copies emailable for any inspection

Up To Date Drawings

Our cloud technology means you can upload a revised drawing and all your Engineers will have access with the ability to annotate on site

Plant & Hire Tracking

Take control of your plant and hire dates! Using QR codes Contrax keeps track of what is where and when it’s due to be moved or returned.

Engineer Certificates

Keeping a copy of all your Engineers certificates in the cloud means not only will you never be turned away from site, you will be alerted if there are any out of date certificates.


If an item needs testing, your Engineers will have to fill the values before they can submit their relative timesheets.


Contrax users no longer need paper timesheets, worksheets, CVI’s, Toolbox Talks, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, multiple drawings and test sheets. Everything is inside their iPad